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We 🧡 Rubber

We 🧡 Rubber

A miracle of nature – natural rubber

Our entire range is made from fairly traded natural rubber, a product that not only pleases the environment, but also benefits you for years to come. Natural rubber is 100% biodegradable and a very durable material, so it’s a win-win situation for people and the environment. Besides the great feature that natural rubber is biodegradable, the rubber tree is a real climate saver: the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis) absorbs a lot of CO2 and thus counteracts climate change. This can be done in a very large amount, so that rubber trees absorb more CO2 than most tropical rainforests. We source our certified natural rubber from sustainable rubber farms in Sri Lanka, India and Thailand. As we are co-founders of Fair Rubber e.V., we pay an additional price for the precious sap that the latex tappers use to improve their working and living conditions. (see also www.fairrubber.org)

The association applies the principles of fair trade to rubber cultivation.

What is so special about sports equipment made of natural rubber?

Especially in recent years, words like phthalates or carcinogenic nitrosamines have come up again and again in connection with sports equipment.
This is an absolute no-go for us!
One thing comes first for us – artificial softeners, harmful substances and aggressive dyes do not belong in our equipment.
Besides the fact that our products are not harmful to health, our equipment is extremely non-slip when dry. Even during sweaty exercises, you won’t slip and have a very good grip even during longer workouts.
We have also pressed a thin layer of cotton fabric into our yoga mat so that you have a higher level of comfort during your yoga practice.
You can be sure that you won’t do anything wrong by buying our FAIRMOVE products and that you’ll collect 100% good karma points 😉