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Is rubber sustainable?

Natural rubber is a natural and renewable raw material. The “Hevea Brasiliensis” tree, from which our rubber is tapped, has an excellent climate balance and stores a lot of CO2. No jungle has to be cleared to meet the growing demand for our rubber, as the plantations were established in Sri Lanka over 150 years ago. FSC certification ensures that biodiversity is preserved and sustainable forestry is implemented. See also www.fsc.org

Are your dyes environmentally friendly?

We use natural pigments to colour our products. The pigments we use are non-toxic and free of heavy metals. Furthermore, the dyes are vegan and not tested on animals.

Where are your products made?

All our products are developed in Cologne and manufactured by our partners in Sri Lanka, where we also source the natural rubber.

Your fitness products are environmentally friendly, but you source your goods from Sri Lanka, how can that be environmentally friendly?

For the climate balance, it is more environmentally friendly to use natural rubber, a raw material that grows in FSC-certified plantations, for our products and to bring it to Germany by ship than to offer products that are made from petroleum-based plastics elsewhere in the world.

The positive side effect of our products is that our producers participate in a fair trade premium for every natural rubber product sold. See also www.fairrubber.org

Do you use plastic when shipping your products?

Plastic has no place in our company!
We are a zero waste company and do not use plastic when shipping our products.  Our packaging is made exclusively of cardboard, which we mostly reuse from parcels sent to us.

Are your yoga mats non-slip?

Yes, our mat is non-slip!
It was important to us to produce a yoga mat on which you have a good grip.
Our yoga mat is made of natural rubber and therefore automatically has more grip than most PVC yoga mats.
Nevertheless, the slip resistance is very individual – some people sweat more than others, which changes the grip on the mat.

What size FAIRMOVES should I order?

Our FAIRMOVES usually run a little smaller than conventional toe separators or sandals.
If you are between two sizes, we would recommend the larger size.

Do you have any other products planned?

Yes, we are in the process of developing other products and constantly expanding our range in the areas of sports and health. There are still so many possibilities where we can replace plastic with rubber. If you have an idea or wish, please send us an email.